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This blog includes 52 Stories in 52 Weeks, a yearly metaphysical or deep life lecture, along with links to my artwork, etc. I started writing and drawing with two hands as a mental and brain development experiment on my own brain because I had one restructuring of my brain in a deadly bicycle accident in 1987. So I decided to restructure my brain's neurons, etc. again. Simply put, using two hands to write and draw forces both sides of the brain to connect, to become holistic, stronger, improved.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Ambidextrous Writing and Drawing with Both Hands Simultaneously!

Ambidextrous Writing and Drawing with Both Hands Simultaneously!
I want to inform my readers and fans of the outcome of my personal, 15 year brain experiment.

The outcome of my ambidextrous brain exercises is that I can now, at this moment, Sep 18, 2015, at 11:55 pm. write and draw with both hands at the same time. I wrote a simple sentence with my left hand while I drew a simple face with my right hand.  And then I switched hands and I wrote a simple sentence with my right hand, while I drew a simple picture with my left hand.   I believe that I am the first person in the history of the human species to have developed my brain power to perform such an ambidextrous brain task. I will continue to practice until I get really good at writing and drawing with both hands at the same time, and then I will post my hands writing and drawing at the same time, on Youtube, with the proof that I can write a sentence with one hand while I draw a picture with the other hand. And then change hands and do it the other way around. This is a great day for me.!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A Revolution within the Structure of Human Consciousness.

I am currently working on my new written lecture titled:

A Revolution within the Structure of Human Consciousness.
How to Prevent the Self-Destruction of the Human Species.
For the Current and Future Survival of the Human Species.

It will be posted before the year's end.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

My Conversation with my Senator, Bob Wieckowski, about CA's Water Drought and Water Problems!

My Conversation with my Senator, Bob Wieckowski, about CA's Water Drought and Water Problems!

An UPDATE: Two weeks ago, I was talking to my Senator, Bob Wieckowski, who lives a few houses down from me on the same street. I asked him, "What are you guys, ( meaning in the Senator and Government) doing about water problem? This was his reply to me. " I was just visiting oversea, ( a foreign country ) and they only use 30 gallons a day." I put up my hands up in the air, almost speechless regarding his stupidity, because I was thinking to myself, 30 gallons of nothing is still nothing. is a demonstration about wasteful water usage.

I asked him what his pay was and I was shocked because I thought their pay checks should have been more. But he explained to me that the voters voted to lower their pay checks, probably because they love to party, but not solve problems. Later, when I was thinking even more clearly, they, meaning the morons in government, are doing nothing to solve CA.’s water problems, just as they do nothing to solve many other problems.

The American people, including American voters must begin to take a stand against this type of inaction of doing nothing to solve current and future problems. Having no water is not a joke. I myself have visited foreign countries, for this case, China. And every time I have visited China, I look at the beautifully labeled water bottles and I ask myself, "Is this water any good to drink? Is this water going to make me sick?

Well, it is a known fact that the human biological body can not survive long without clean water, or ever dirty water, but having no water all? Think of all the places that need water, besides the human biological body, to mention a few here, all of the businesses that depend on water, food places, toilet and sinks in millions of homes and bathrooms, businesses of all types, including computer fabs, hospitals, schools, military bases, and etc., etc., etc.

This is the truth, whether the Senators and other people in government want to read it, or listen to it. If there is no water dropping from the sky for much longer, or for a really long time, like longer than ten long years, or more, CA and America will be in big freaking trouble, from every perspectives you want to look at the problem. The economic problems will be lower on the list of problems compared to the really bigger futuristic problem of human survival. The number one problem on my current list of problems, the survival of the human species in general, and in CA currently, specifically.

Since the Senators and other people in government, including Jerry Brown, are sitting on their asses wishing and hoping that the problem will go away by itself, while they blame tax paying home owners instead of the more than the millions of huge water sprinkler systems like the water sprinkler system shown above, that are pumping millions or more, like billions of gallons of water unto grassy lawns at night when no one is watching, on golf courses, baseball and soccer fields, etc., there should be an uprising of the American people just like they are beginning rise up against unfair police killings and murders while they write fake and false police reports.

If the Senator ( s ) wants to sit on his, their, ass all day long, and go to parties to get his and their pictures taken for facebook, then he and his buddies should be paid less because they are doing nothing to solve the water problems that could last for decades to come. Without water, without a clean and useful water supply, the senator and his buddies, like Jerry Brown, etc. will have not murdered just human beings and their futures, businesses and their profits, they would be guilty of murdering the state of CA.

And for that reason alone, they should be paid nothing at all!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

MY GOOGLE + SITE for easy viewing my artwork!

The best page to view some of my artwork is at my google + page. Click link below.

Enjoy my artwork and enjoy living.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

An American Bully Cop Attacks ( Murder by Cop ) an Intellectual Metaphysical Bicyclist. And a Man of God too! The Story Only! By Mr. George D. Patnoe., Jr!

An American Bully Cop Attacks (Murder by Cop ) an Intellectual Metaphysical Bicyclist. And a Man of God too! 

By Mr. George D. Patnoe., Jr!


Wednesday, December 24, 2014 ... The Story Only!

( Dedicated to all bicyclists who have been harassed by a cop, the police, park rangers, etc. )

A legal disclaimer - FYI ... I have never been hit or shot at by a cop in my life; at least not yet!

A short note: Within this Lecture and Story, I am trying to write about many issues in one attack.

An update: On Friday, January 16, 2016, my local police department answered a call about a 48 year old male carrying a 6 inch knife.  The first officer used his Taser gun to down the male, and the second officer used his normal gun to kill him.  If that is not murder by cop, what is?


An American Bully Cop Attacks ( Murder by Cop ) an Intellectual Metaphysical Bicyclist. And a Man of God too! By: Mr. George D. Patnoe., Jr.!

I have decided to post this story, which is part of my bigger lecture and story for 2015, separately for readers who do not want to read the longer version of my 2015 lecture and story writing.  For readers who want to read the complete version and the first half of this 2015 lecture and story, please refer to the following link for your reading pleasure.  OR simple go to or


I wrote this lecture and story to address four issues: American bully police, International and Global Bully World Leaders, and the Human Mind’s Murderous Killing Mental - Physiological Nature, and the Future Survival of the Human Species.

The Future Survival of the Human Species Can Not Be Guaranteed with Neither an Individual or Collective Humanly Mental or Physiological Killing - Murderous Nature, nor with Weapons of War!

There are many good cops around the globe, in America, Africa, China, Russia, etc., etc., etc.

But all around the world, in America, Africa, China, Russia, etc., etc., etc., there are bad cops.

Not all cops are violent animalistic bullies. But some cops are violent animalistic bullies.

Not all world leaders are violent bullies. But some world leaders are violent bullies.

World War III must never happen to ensure the future survival of the human species.

An International Goal for all World Leaders should be to Avoid World War III.

There should be an International Treaty signed by all many world leaders to avoid WW III.

Have you ever seen a monkey beating the ground with a stick?

Have you ever seen a cop attacking a human being with a stick?

Have you ever seen pictures or movies of human beings killing each other in WW I + II?

Does any human being on earth today want to see World War III?


The next statement you are about to read is 100% the truth.  I was standing in a police line for a police running test, and a female turned around and stated to me that she wanted to be a police officer, a cop, so she could stick her nightstick up a man’s butt hole.  She wanted to become a police officer, a cop, so she could violently rape a male.  She wanted a paying job with a 90% pension where she could  violently rape a male, and legally get away with it.  In America!  She is now a detective for a local police department. I bet that police department is very proud of her murderous raping mentality. And I bet she is going to be happy with her 90% pension.


The Story:

Part I. The Attack. The Crime.

The day was beautiful day for a simple, easy going, easy peddling bike ride on a city street. The blue sky overhead had no sign of rain, snow, wind, or a single ounce of weather trouble. Only a few floating white clouds, with a non-windy air current, calm 73 degree temperature, just like a perfect temperature water in a bathtub. The 70 year old male biker was wearing only his biker helmet, a pair of biker shorts and shirt, and his backpack with books in it. He was so excited to try out his brand new, ten thousand dollar bike, and what a piece of technological artwork it was too. A marvel of modern day technology, made from the finest and most expensive modern day materials, designed from computerized designs that only modern day bike engineers with their computers could create using all of the laws of physics and kinetics and the science of body motion, to achieve the perfect bike for any hardcore bicyclist who would ride on the main streets, or the back roads, or a mountain trails, or ever around a lake with all of nature’s glory being exhibited as only nature intended. The biker enjoyed riding a bike, purely for fun and pleasure, a bit of natural escapism from his daily life, and for some exercise too, to keep the old heart pumping, and other bodily parts, including ever cell in his body, pumping with huge amounts of oxygen, clean lungs, good circulation, strong bones, and a good chemical reactions in his brain too. To experience the open air, the blue sky, the green trees, and even to think. To escape the everyday mental noise of the idiot box, or television, and computers, and even the radio, newspapers, and even his jobs, his pets, his neighbors, and even his own house. In short, his life, to relax into a mental state like zen, but not a mental state nothingness, as some meditation practices preach. Why anyone want to be in a state of nothingness - sounds like a bad death. To meditate and have open thoughts arrive into his uncluttered mind. To be at peace with the soul, to relax while riding a bike on flat land, or in the mountains, with nature all around the biker, with sights and sounds that could not be experienced by looking out of a car window. Looking out a car window was like looking out a moving box with a viewing hole in the box. But riding a bicycle was being at one with nature and the natural state of earth, the air, the wind, with they eyes at one with the green grass, tall trees, lake water, ducks on the ground, or birds and airplanes flying high above in the open and vast sky, and even the nose smelling earth smells, like mowed grass or cow manure, or the smells from a barbecue with a burning steak being fried, or the smells from an restaurant’s open window, or even the smell of burning oil from an old car’s exhaust pipe.

The biker drove his car everyday because peddling a bicycle was very impractical in many regards, like when grocery shopping, or for traveling very long distances. Riding a bike was very different than driving a car or a truck. The bike weighed lighter than the car or truck. The car and truck weighed more than the 15 more or less pound bike. Even the laws of physics were operating differently than when riding a bike, but the politicians never take that fact into consideration when writing the basic law that all bicyclists must obey the exact same traffic laws as motorist who drive cars and trucks. Why? So they could write more tickets and take more money away from tax paying American citizens? When driving a car at 10 or 50 or 80 miles an hour, a bicyclist could not stop on a dime, turn in different directions quickly, and even jump over curbs, like the curb was not even there at all. Plus, the mind was working differently when peddling a bicycle than when driving a car or truck. Cars or trucks travel at great speeds, at dangerous speeds that were not good for the human body, because the human body was not built to go fast. The human body was designed to move slow, like in walking slow. Even jogging and running is not as natural as walking. Walking was usually safe, while driving a car or truck or flying an airplane, hang glider were all much more dangerous, meaning more deadly than walking. Riding a bicycle was a step up from walking, unlike when riding in a car, when the mind is concentrating on the road, on the speed and direction of the car, with the main focus of not hitting the hundreds of other cars and trucks speeding by like the road and streets were race car tracks, with all of the car drivers pretending to be race car drivers, all trying to beat the clock to get somewhere, or simply having fun speeding down the road for some reason, or no reason at all. Riding a bike was much slower, and the expected speed was known to be always slow, but constant, has it has been since the first bicycle was invented not so long ago. Riding a bike takes time, a slow constant time, like moving through the space above planet earth like a flying human being without wings and motor, like the slow and constant time of the cosmic universe, simply moving forward into space, moving through space like a zen master who sits on mountain top, watching the night stars move slowly around in a circle above the earth as they have moved for billions of light years. Unlike the mediating monk on the mountain top, whose mind is completely still and silent, the biker’s mind is moving tuned to the feel of the street, road, or path, or no path at all. The biker’s mind is at one with the motion of this legs, of the road or street, of the historical history of life on earth, or its future. With the movement of his bike, the biker’s legs moving up and down, pumping around and around in endless circles, like a hamster in his play cage on his play toy, seemingly forever peddling, forever lungs expanding and contracting, his hands on the handlebars and his fingers on the gear shifters and brake handles too. The biker is prepared to stop on a second’s notice, or to turn the front wheel, even to jump the bike up in the air to avoid bumps or potholes or stones or rocks or tree branches. The biker is aware of the sky and its clouds, of the forever changing weather patterns and conditions too. With it start to rain or snow, will the velocity change to the point where peddling the bike will lead to no where fast, or even slow? The biker watched the green grass on the side of the road slide on by, like he was on an airplane, but no, because all most airplanes fly so high in the sky that their riders only see empty air, or clouds, or at best at great sunset. But even the biker can see the best of sunsets because a bike can go places where no car or truck or airplane can travel to, like the side of a cliff or deep into a forest or jungle, or simply ride on a sidewalk or empty street in the middle of the night, racing with speed to no place special or to someplace really special, like a girlfriends house or a good place to worship God’s creation called the cosmic universe and life on earth, with their own speeds moving at cosmic light speed or earth’s slow speed.

The bikers not only sees the farm pastures, and the cows and horses and chickens but he can also smell them, ear the sounds of the isolated farm, and its life, maybe even catch a smiling farmer waving at him while riding a tractor. Maybe the biker might watch an American bald eagle or a hawk flying and soaring high above the earth, hunting for a meal, or simply enjoying flying like a full winged bird. With less than twenty pounds of high tech materials and components, the biker feels the freedom of flight without the danger of falling to the ground, unless of course he or she is hit by a car or truck, some other device which could do great bodily damage, which is why all smart bikers wear a biking head helmet to protect their head and brain from any unexpected fall to the hard street or ground.

The biker knew that many if not most people who drove cars and trucks had never taken the time to ride a bicycle, to feel the wind on their faces, and the breeze on their skin, and their body working up a hardy appetite for a festival of foods and drink, from their feet peddling the bike’s peddles, and the sweat being dried by the hot air, and the pressure on the biker’s legs as a biker climbed a road’s inclined planes or mountain’s uphill dirt path, and the lungs expanding and contracting every second because all of the body’s muscles were working hard at forcing the bike to move on the road, with gravity waiting for a falling body heading towards the big ball in the sky, the big globe termed planet earth. On a downhill slope, the biker did not have to peddle at all because gravity would force the bike and bikers to be carried forward in both a downward slope and forward motion as the bike’s wheels simply turned around and around until the next uphill climb, when all of the wasted energy going downhill would be not help going uphill again. Then it was pressure to the metal, the metal peddles, and the biker’s thighs and lungs would again, feel the pounding aroma of heat within the biker’s body.

Riding alone on a peaceful street, in a very small town in America, the biker felt safe from danger from bullies, violent people, criminals, rapists, murderers, and esp. from the local police department or from anyone wearing a uniform and a badge, with or without a gun. But sometimes the daily car and truck traffic that was sometimes very heavy, fast and furious. So the biker would wear a reflective vest, and he installed at least four bike lights on the rear of his bike and two of the best front bike lights to see in the front distance. The bicyclist had been told by one police officer that on average, there were ten vehicle or automobile accidents a day, almost everyday of the year, and that was only one small town in America. The biker was enjoying of the street. It was truly amazing how many old, vintage cars and trucks were still drivable and in mint condition after decades of being created and build. The biker never really understood why some people collect cars for the fun of it, but then again, those car collects probably would never understand why the biker collected books. The biker collected books because he enjoyed reading books because there is so much to learn, so much information to understand in modern world of information gathering. Plus, if you read a book, you quickly learn what the person writing the book took a lot of time to learn, like if you read Einstein’s theory, you will actually learn it faster than Einstein learned it because it took Einstein decades to think about his theories and then he had to present his theories to the whole world, which of course took even more time to develop his theories so they could be used in the modern and practical everyday world of human life.

The biker heard the police siren in his ears before he looked in his bike mirror, only to see the black and white police patrol car slowly ride up behind upon him, and he did not think anything about it. The biker was known by his local police dept for his work in helping cleaning up his street by installing security cameras to stop the drug dealers and the home burglaries. He a had also allowed many police officials into his house, his home, to view the footage on his security cameras, so he thought that it might have been one of the friendly cops he had dealt with in the past. He had always assumed that he was on friendly terms with the police and the police dept. Heck, many police officers had been invited into his house to view this security footage for many reasons, but basically to catch bag guys, or criminals. The biker had taken the time to purchase thousands of dollars of security cameras over the years because he knew from experience that no home owner in America, esp. his local town, could depend on the police to stop or even hinder crimes and home break ins because of the basic law of number theory; lots of criminals, not enough cops to help from the local police dept to solve crimes, even if they viewed the security footage from any security camera system. But it was always worth a try to help the police dept. watch the security footage, to solve crimes, if possible, because maybe the police would notice something to help them catch the bad guys. The biker and the town’s people all assumed that the local police dept was to either to lazy or simply incompetent to solve many crimes, but the town’s people all knew that the police dept. paid police employees to hand out tickets to the town’s citizens for almost any reason they wanted, except they never ever handed out tickets to cars parked in the driveways of drug dealers. It seem very strange, until it was realized that the police did not care about the drug dealers because there were always police officers who took drugs themselves, and everyone knew that the police thought they were above the law. In other words, the police knew that they could get away with murder, too. The biker saw the police officer in the biker mirror and waved at him, but then he saw the blue lights flashing and the voice over the patrol car’s loud speakers, "Biker, pull over to the side of the road and stop the bike, and step off the bike."

Knowing that he had done nothing wrong, the biker was not scared of the flashing blue lights, nor of the voice over the patrol car’s loud speakers. But even if the biker had done something wrong, how could a bike outrun both a police patrol car and a police radio? Anyway, the biker thought it might have been a friendly cop, but how wrong could he be with that assumption? But the biker was aware of the police harassment by the local bully police who thought they were gods for some reason, because they could carry guns and other weapons for self-defense, while all other town’s citizens in that American town, and most other American towns were not allowed to carry any device for self-defense, while the criminals who drove daily into town to break into homes and businesses, to steal anything they wanted, to rape and kill anyone they wanted, could carry their guns, while the police were sitting in their cars in parking lots chatting away, waiting for their 90% pensions to arrive in their bank accounts after their many years of sometimes uneventful service. Of course, the local police dept sometimes got lucky when some crimes happened and the police were there to catch the criminal, in the exact same spot where a crime was taking place. Mostly luck, mind you!

The biker knew he was not speeding because it would take a lot of work to speed on a bike, even on a straight away, or flat surface. He simply wanted to enjoy day, and the bike ride. What could the biker have done wrong to have a police patrol car pull him over like he had committed a moving traffic violation or like he was a criminal? wondered the biker.

No bicyclist or motorcyclist wants to be hit by a ton of steel in the form of a moving car, but especially by a police patrol car because everyone knows that the police will usually win in a law suit because the bully police and police depts. can lie in police reports, and because DA’s love to take the side of police depts, instead of taking sides of the law, like the bullies in the school yard, they seem to get away with doing all sorts of bad things because of the code of silence, the code of brotherhood, of the black uniform. The bicyclist knew that he could not win, even if he had done nothing wrong, and many lawyers had instructed him to go limp whenever a bully cop was talking to him or threatening to hit him or hurt him. It was better to pretend to be a weak stupid person who was afraid of getting hit by a bully cop than try to talk to a bully cop. So the biker slowed down, which was not hard to do on a bike, and he stopped the bike, and he stepped off the bike, and waited on the grass between the street and the sidewalk. So it biker felt an odd feeling when the biker saw the police patrol car front tires slowly roll up to, and roll over the bike’s rear wheels, and then slowly rolled over the bikers ten thousand dollar bike, with the police patrol car’s tires over the bike rear wheel, only to stop, and roll backwards. He saw the police patrol car drive backwards a few feet, and he saw the bully cop laugh to himself too.

Real funny though the biker. Oh my! What to do? What to do now? thought the bicyclist as both anger and confusion entered into his previous zen state of mind. Ten thousand dollars down the drain. Quickly, the bicyclist turned his mental attention away from a biker’s mind or mentality, into a different state of mind, to immediately became the master metaphysician that he was and he started to know a few spiritual truths that were more powerful than the ton of steel police car, and the dangerous murderous animal violent bully criminal minded police officer who was obviously angry for some reason to damage his new ten thousand dollar bike, which meant he was also angry enough to damage his priceless biological body too. Still, there was no fear, simply a state of mind of caution and intelligence. The bicyclist left behind the idea for the need for speed, as the saying goes, and turned his attention away from his physical body of skin and bones and blood, with a brain, and he quickly turned his attention to his true spiritual self hood that was a spiritual deathless idea, or image of the one Divine Mind, of the deathless Life itself, just as the next words out his mouth were,

 "Get on the sidewalk, you crossed the white line, so I am giving you a moving violation ticket for crossing a white line." laughing out loud with the attitude that he hated all bicyclists in general, and this bicyclist specifically."

"What is in the backpack? Any drugs, guns, weapons, or illegal anything?" asked the bully cop.

"Do you have probable cause? There is no probable cause here. And why are you giving me a ticket?  I never crossed over the white line." replied the biker.

"Oh, we have a talker here I see." stated the bully cop. "You think can question me?"

"Do you know that the freedom of speech is as a legal concept?" replied the bicyclist. "Freedom of speech is written in America’s Constitution."

"Freedom of speech? There is no freedom of speech in America, where I stand and live and esp. work. And where I stand, I am the boss, and the police are the boss, and the police department does not care about freedom of speech or any other legal rights you think you have in America. There is only one thing you have to know, and that is I am boss here and now. That is I am the boss, I am in charge, and I want to see inside that backpack." stated the bully cop, as he slowly lowered his hands, one hand on his night stick, and the other hand on his gun handle.

"And look see at the nice silver cross hanging from your neck. And look at that Arch Angel Medallion. An Angel slaying a dragon. Pretty nice! But I do not believe in God or religion or the supernatural. And any fool who believes in anything is worth nothing at all, even less than dirt." The cop stated with a grin, waiting for the biker’s response."

The biker looked up towards the sky, and his mind tuned into a different universe. When he lowered his head to stare at the bully cop, he was feeling his invisible power began to build up within his consciousness.

" It is a good and mighty angel staying an evil dragon. And if I was you, I would be very careful with what you say to me, or do to me." stated the metaphysical biker. The biker continued ...

"It is written that about two thousand years ago, some violent bully fellows like yourself whipped many innocent people, tortured them, and than hanged them on trees, stake, or poles to hang in the hot sun during the day and the cold night for a few days and nights while they died a very slow and very painful death. It was called the crucifixion and one man, a metaphysical man, overcame human evil and death too. I want your supervisor here as soon as possible." replied the metaphysical biker.

"If you do not hand over that backpack, I will take it from you." stated the bully cop.

As the bicyclist slowly turn his head slightly to slowly slip off the backpack, he felt the violent bully cop’s hands grabbing his neck and throwing him on the ground. "Give me that backpack." said the cop, as the violent bully cop kicked the metaphysical biker in the ribs with the cop’s heavy boot. "What is in your backpack? Drugs, guns, any other weapons." he asked the moaning metaphysical bicyclist, as the metaphysical bicyclist watched the police officer open up his backpack. "Oh my, books. Lets see what kind of books the lad reads. Oh no, a Bible, a book on constitutional law, and a book on physics and astrophysics, and metaphysics too. And here is a book on the human mind and psychology. How interesting. But that is no problem for me or my department because we do not believe in the constitution of America. We only believe in our muscles, guns and night sticks, and of course, we love beating people up, especially when no one is watching." as he looked around to see if anyone was watching, which they weren’t, not yet.

"What is your problem? Did they teach all cops to practice using police patrol cars to destroy very expensive bicycles and to beat up on bikers at the police academy?" the moaning bicyclist asked the violent bully cop.

"Are you questioning a police officer, boy? I am the one asking questions here, not you. Understand?" As he took out his night stick. The violent bully cop continued to talk away. "At the police academy they taught us how to beat up and kill every citizen in America, in all ways means possible, on all American citizens, white or black, rich or poor, educated or uneducated, drug free or drugged up, non-biker or biker alike. Hell, why do you think they like training us ex-football players. We love beating up on defenseless people, just like in high school."

The bicyclist watched the cop take out his night stick and he knew that this cop was a violent psycho criminal bully cop out of a Steven King’s novel or movie, but this was real life.

"Get on your feet. Boy!" stated the cop.

"First of all, I am not a boy. I am a seventy year old man and I am not afraid of you beating me up, torturing me, or even killing me. And I much smarter than you could ever imagine in a million years. Is it the policy of your police dept to allow a 25 year old punk cop to attack and break the bones of innocent American citizens? I can not wait to talk to your supervisors and Internal Affairs, not to mention my lawyer. Oh, I am sorry, lawyers." stated the biker.

"I still do not like your attitude boy." with a louder violent bully cop voice than before. "My supervisors do not care what you have to say, and Internal Affairs does not care either. My brother-in-law is in charge of Internal Affairs, and he will always stick up for me and defend me, boy."

The bicyclist stood up, knowing that he was again, facing another violent bully psycho criminal cop who was paid to beat up innocent and defenseless human beings because after all, the cop was allowed to beat up innocent and defenseless bicyclists because bicyclists do not usually carry guns and weapons or drugs or other illegal items that could put them in a jail cell or a prison cage. Bicyclists, like most human beings, do not like prisons. Bicyclists do not want to be in a cage like a monkey, and this particular metaphysical bicyclist thought this the monkey off the trees violent bully cop should have been stuck in a prison cage himself, long ago. Metaphysical bicyclists like the open air, a fresh place to breath in the air and to see the earthly sights, to escape the daily routine of life and living, and to get some exercise too. Bicyclists rarely are looking forward to spending any of their biking time in a jail cell or a prison cell. In all of the biker’s 60 years of riding a biker in many states in America, he never met a biker who was a jailbird, or who wanted to go to jail or prison. The cop looked like he had not run a mile in many years, so he looked fatter than he should look for a working cop on the job. How does a fat cop chase a running criminal? A three hundred pound bully cop beating up on a thin biker. This should be really good, thought the biker who was turning into a Master Metaphysician in seconds flat, minutes would be better for his mind to know the Truth. But space and time was no problem for any Master Metaphysician.

The violent bully cop did not notice the biker’s mental change from a humanized biological body to a invisible spiritual idea, but he was starting to feel the presence of the power of God.

The Master Metaphysician Biker was remembering all of the lessons he had learned over the years. He began to remember how a human male named Jesus was also a Master Metaphysician, or the Christ. He also taught lessons to overcome humanized evil and death too. The metaphysical biker was quickly mentally turning away from his biological body to his true spiritual selfhood, his Christ self-hood, as an idea or image in the great and All-Powerful Mind, termed the God Intelligence. He quickly began to know that in reality he was not a simple automated robotic biological body with a thinking human brain, but that he was in reality, on and in deeper levels of life and consciousness, an image, a spiritual image within the Mind of God. And that he was an unchanging identity that could not feel human pain or pleasure, nor could he be killed because he was an definite immortal identified identity of the deathless Soul termed God. That he was at one with the Infinite Principle, and that the Infinite Principle was at one with him too. In spiritual reality, he was at one with Life, Truth, and Love. And that no human evil, including a monkey brain, violent bully psycho criminal cop would touch, harm, deface, or kill and murder his true deathless spiritual self-hood. The biker felt his biological body began to change, every blood cell, never muscle and bone, every fiber, every molecule and atom begin to change, to transform into a new creature. He mentally saw the angles in other dimensions too. Even his guardian Angels looking down upon him and the whole situation. He was preparing to be beaten to death by a murderous violent bully cop; killed and murdered by a violent, bully, psycho, criminal, cop, who was going to get away with murdering a man of God, at least for the moment. The man of God remembered somehow remembered all of the Jesus movies with adult violent bully males who also wore the state uniform who smiled and laughed as they beat, whipped, kicked, punched, and hung an innocent man of God to a tree or pole, to be slaughter like a cow before a mass meal for the rich.

The violent bully cop pointed at the badge on his shirt and stated, "This here is the only badge of law that matters, right now. And it too, looks silver too. How about that? My silver badge versus your silver cross and angel medallion. I like it. It would work good in a story or a book or a movie." Stated the bully cop, as he smiled.

"Why did you kick me? I did nothing wrong and I never attacked you." The metaphysical bicyclist looked at the violent bully psycho cop and he remembered all of the bully cop’s self-defense training and the biker remembered his own self-defense training and the biker knew he could win any real street fight against this bully violent psycho cop, but he also knew that this was real life, he even if he could kill this violent bully psycho cop before he hit the ground, he knew that he would lose, more violent cops were probably on the way to the crime scene, and in the end because there some cops are violent criminals who are trained to be even more violent by the police department, so he would be charged with even more crimes if he tried to defend himself from a bully cop who possessed murder in his eyes. He also knew that defending yourself against an armed violent bully cop would only make matters worse. Plus, he knew that is what lawyers and lawsuits are for. In the back of the biker’s mind was a legal mind with the hope of suing this violent bully cop and his police dept for many crimes that the violent bully cop was now committing because that would be his only method of revenge for the felony crimes that this violent bully cop was perpetrating against an innocent American citizen, not to mention a man of God.

"I simply do not like your attitude, and I do not care if you are an old man going for a simple bike ride. I have met other intellectuals like you who think you are better than me, just like in high school." as he winked at the metaphysical biker, as he walked over the to bike and swung his night stick at the mirror, hitting the mirror that was located on his handle bars, and snapping the mirror offs its base, off the ten thousand dollar bike that had already been totally destroyed by the police patrol car, and which was going to cost another ten thousand dollars to replace. Not to mention the punitive financial rewards for the attempted murder which was about to take transpire, in a small town in America.

"Why are you harassing me?" asked the metaphysical bicyclist.

"I am harassing you because I do not like your attitude. I am harassing you because I feel like it. What are you going to do about it?" the laughing bully cop asked the bicyclist.

"I am going to report you to you Internal Affairs. That is what I am going to do. And then I am going to talk to my good and very competent lawyers to sue you and your department." stated the now pissed off, yet still helpless bicyclist, as he was hoping that some bystanders were using their cameras or the camera phones to record the violent crime about to happen against an old 70 year old man by a 25 year old violent bully psycho criminal cop, trained by the police.

"Internal Affairs? That is a funny joke. They do not care about some intellectual bicyclist, you moron. They do not care about your religion or how old you are. We are a brotherhood of criminally minded bullies, who can do anything we want because we are the law and the rest of society must live in fear of us."

"I have not committed a crime. And more importantly, I do not live in a state of fear, nor have I ever lived in a state of fear.  And I certainly do not fear you, esp. in America." stated the bicyclist.

"Just by not being a cop makes you a criminal, you punk ass." stated the bully cop.

"How do you know I was never a cop?" asked the metaphysician biker. "Why don’t you go and catch some burglars instead of harassing me?" ask the biker.

"Catch burglars? Are you joking me? I like harassing bikers instead, whether on a bicycle or a motorcycle. " replied the bully cop.

"That is because you have never rode a bike, have you? Do you know that there are over 1200 burglaries a year in this town, and over 4 million dollars are stolen out of this town every year for the past two years, and you cops do nothing about stopping real criminals from breaking into houses and businesses. Right now there is probably a house or business somewhere in this town that is being broken into and you are here harassing me?" asked the bicyclist.

" Yea, but for the last two years it was down 30%."

"I am talking about the last two years, which means that for the previous years, the amount of homes and businesses burglaries were even higher." stated the biker. The violent bully cop was not aware that the biker was also an economist and he knew more about money and numbers than that cop could ever know in a life time. But it was true. It was an untold secret in the town and everyone knew it. Every homeowner or business owner knew that they were ever safe from a home or business break in, and every homeowner and business owner never felt safe leaving their house and business unattended, but who could stay home or at their business all the time? The town was reported to be a safe town, but everyone knew that their homes and businesses were never safe. Everyone who heard the words out of the now ex-chief of police’s mouth over ten years ago, "We will not answer anymore home break ins or business break ins," knew that the chief of police just announced to all burgers and criminals in the state that the town’s homes and businesses were now open season, as in open hunting season for deer or bear or fish in a hunting season.

The cop stared at the biker and his face became red. Anger was starting to boil up in his little monkey brain, and the biker knew that this police trained violent hired gun was preparing to become the human monkey he truly was. The biker was preparing to take a beating because he knew that is what cops are trained to do at the police academy, taking out their night sticks and practice hitting human beings by swinging their night sticks hard and furious at the big heavy plastic and leather punching bags, etc., that can not feel and pain, so they can practice hitting live and living innocent human beings later when they are in the black uniform.

"Do you know that that bike you just damaged costs over ten thousand dollars?" the biker said. "You just committed a felony while on duty. How stupid. My lawyers are going to have more fun in a court of law, in front of judge and jury, than you are having with me now." said the biker.

The violent bully cop looked at the expensive bike with a little bit of worry in his eyes.

"I do not believe that bicycle cost ten thousand dollars." replied the bully cop. "Who in their right mind would pay ten thousand dollars for a bicycle?’ asked the bully cop.

"Have you ever rode a ten thousand dollar bike?" asked the metaphysical biker.

"I have never rode a bicycle in my life. What do I look like? A nerd or something."

"So your parents never bought you a bike to ride when you were a boy? asked the biker.

The bully cop looked at the metaphysical biker with a bit of regret in his eyes and said nothing at all. But his facial muscles were showing signs of wear and tear from this conversation.

The biker decided to make another statement to the bully cop. "You want a 90 % pension until the day you die, and instead of catching criminals, you are harassing me, hitting me, and damaging my very expensive bike?" The biker knew that the cop’s dinosaur - monkey brain was jump starting up, like a dead car with a new battery attached to it. The damage from the police patrol car against the biker’s bike was bad enough, but there the biker was, alone with a violent bully psycho criminal cop, and there was no person around to protect the biker’s physical body, nor his legal rights against a bully cop with a gun, nightstick, and Taser and his hands and boots.

"We deserve it."

" No you don’t deserve a 90 % pension plan. Any human being can drive a car, shoot a gun, and wear a badge. Plus, it is bad for the economy. That money should be used to hire more real police officers and firemen and teachers and repairing streets and roads instead of rewarding the likes of you for destroying my ten thousand dollar bike, and instead of harassing and hitting me." stated the biker. The biker looked at the black uniform with the badge and he wondered if this joker imagined himself to be a trained ninja, instead of being simply a trained bully with guns and assorted weapons. He remembered a time when he was having a conversation with a female who stated to him that she wanted to be a cop so she could stick her nightstick up a guy’s butt. She admitted to the metaphysical biker when they were both waiting for their turn in a police line for a police running speed test that she wanted to rape a male before she ever arrived in the police academy. She is now a detective on the police force, and maybe she already fulfilled her dream of raping a virgin male butt with her nightstick. The human biker did not want a female police officer to rape him with her night stick, but he remembered a nationalized publicized event many years ago in New York City where some cops raped a black butt hole. Violent criminals who become cops. When will it ever end. And in America, thought the bicyclist. How many violent bully cops around the globe do the same criminal behavior to their own citizens too. The bicyclist wondered how many cops are this violent, as he looked at the black uniform, and badge, and various weapons on his belt.

"You can not talk to me like that." replied the cop who was in a state of semi-shock.

"We are simply having a conversation. Plus, do you know what the freedom of speech is? It is written in the Constitution of America and the Bill of Rights. If you do, then you know that I am allowed the freedom to express myself, and when I go the hospital to get these injuries treated, I am going to used that freedom of speech to explain how I got these injuries to the hospital’s doctors, nurses, and then to the media."

The bully cop must not have thought about the consequences of his actions during his emotional violent explosion within his mind, because his face turned a bit pale, like a semi-death sentence was carried out on his career, with his name and face on every newspaper in the world, on every nightly news broadcast on every television with billions of people around the world watching the American bully cop who tried to murder an innocent intellectual metaphysical bicyclist, and a man of God; and on every computer monitor in every desktop, laptop, or smart phone within the reach of the billions of human beings on the globe. The bicyclist saw the bully cop’s hand reach for his nightstick again, and not fast, but real slow, like space and time were slowing down within the metaphysical biker’s mind, slowly withdrawing of the nightstick, and the bicyclist knew that if this was not a violent bully cop with more cops on the way, he could have defended himself from this 25 year old punk in less than five seconds. Dead before he hit the ground. But this was a no win situation for the biker, so the biker’s mind was arriving at the mental spiritual place he needed to be to survive the beating and a possible killing - murder from a cop in a police department where he was known, and whose police officers had been in his house and home too. No more trust with this police department, thought the biker. No American is allowed to defend themselves against violent bully cops in America, even if you are white. The bicyclist saw a hundred ways to defend himself against the violent bully cop, but he realized that he should not defend himself against a violent bully cop who had no respect for the law.

More than that, he knew that he could kill this violent bully cop without ever lifting a finger! It would be so easy! Puff, just a short puff of air, a whisper from his mouth, from his mind, and that violent cop would never see another second on earth. Moreover, the metaphysical bicyclist was not simply a metaphysical bicyclist. Oh no my dear readers. The metaphysical bicyclist had long ago risen within his consciousness to realms that might be impossible to describe to the average human monkey brain, who only believe what they saw with their eyes as an absolute state of reality. The metaphysical bicyclist had already ascended beyond the limited visual sense of absolute reality, beyond believing that the only reality that was real was the mirage in front of eyes, even now. He knew that there was an afterlife, and he knew that even while walking on planet earth with a biological body, that there were even more realms beyond earth that were far greater than even the possibility of an afterlife. He saw the angels descending upon him and his consciousness, preparing him for the next violent actions of a violent bully cop.

"You can not talk to me that way. You are supposed to fear me and respect me because I carry guns and weapons to defend myself and you and the rest of people in America are not allowed to carry guns and weapons to defend yourselves from violent criminals, including violent criminal bully cops like myself." stated the violent bully cop.

"But I am not a criminal. I am not violent. I am a hundred times smarter than you. I have no reason to fear or respect you. And now that you have damaged my ten thousand dollar bike, like a faggot bully violent psycho criminal cop that you are, I now know that you are a violent bully criminal who is simply wearing a gun and badge, ... And you want a 90% pension."

"I am still going to give you a ticket for crossing over the white line." stated the bully cop.

"For crossing over the white line? Are you joking me?" asked the bicyclist.

"I have to give out tickets everyday. That is my main job. To make money for the town."

"Why not go look for criminals, like the criminal burglars who have broken into almost every house and home on my street? And while you are at it, take the drug dealers off my street too! Like the uneducated punk drug dealers who live on my street and who damage peoples cars to scare them from not calling police! The same drug dealers who damage people’s cars to try to scare them into moving because they want to sell drugs out of their own houses."

The biker saw the nightstick being swung in the right hand of the bully cop, and the bicyclist naturally lowered his head to avoid being hit by the very used nightstick. The bicyclist swore that he saw blood stains on the nightstick as it was aimed at his eyes and nose, but now it would be the biker’s blood on the nightstick, wet and red, to dry on the nightstick like all of the other dry blood from people whose innocent blood had been dried on the nightstick. As the nightstick missed the bicyclist, the bully cop became even more angry which lead to the bully cop’s foot kicking the upper thigh of the bicyclist. The bicyclist knew he could have dodge that slow moving foot, but it might be better to take a kick from a foot then being knocked down by a 300 pound mass of fat. So, being a bit off balance, the bicyclist then saw 300 pounds of bully fat standing in front of him, almost against his body, with the bully cop’s hands to aim the nightstick end to jab into the nose of the biker. Great, another broken nose, thought the biker, as the blood started to drip, and the pain started to build up into the biker’s brain. The biker saw another police patrol car drive up in the corner of his eyes, and he saw its rear tires drive over his the front of his worthless damaged ten thousand dollar bicycle.

"I do not like your freaking attitude." stated the violent bully criminal cop.

"You do not like my freaking attitude? laughed the biker, as he felt the violent bully criminal cop’s knee dig into the biker’s rib cage. Here, I am going to make it easy for you. Do mind if I pray."

The bully cop laughed so loud the other cop had no idea what was so funny. The bully cop stated, "Go ahead, pray."

The metaphysician biker, the man of God, lowered his body to the ground, to the earth to knee down, and put his hands together in the from a prayer hands. He humbly bowed his head, and he closed his eyes. The bicyclist began to prepare to die, to be killed by a violent bully criminal cop, and his buddy violent bullies who would also be turning into violent, bully, psycho, criminal cops too. The bicyclist knew that the brain of this bully cop was now snapping beyond any sense of human normality , and into a violent monkey brain, because this violent bully psycho criminal cop was now transforming into a murderous cop. The lawyer mind within the bicyclist hoped that if he was murdered by this violent bully psycho criminal that the media and FBI would discover how he was murdered by a bully cop who worked in a police dept. that enjoyed harassing bicyclists, and then enjoyed obtaining a 90% pension plan while the town’s people could not depend on the police to protect their homes and businesses. The metaphysical mind of the bicyclist turned his mind, his mentality inward, into realms which he had visited before, many times, when he was face with dying and death. He knew before the time of Jesus, over 2000 thousand years ago, that there were violent bully psychos who enjoyed killing other human beings. And they enjoyed killing the human man like Jesus too, with smiles on their faces as they whipped defenseless and tied up human beings, just as the violent slave owners in America would tie up a black slave and whip them senseless with a whip, all because it was a legal action in America at one time during the history of America. But over thousand years ago, Jesus had overcame death before he went on the cross, and now it was the Master Metaphysician Biker’s turn to play the game with death and immortality. Now he was being attacked by such a killer, a trained killer who was employed by a police dept.

"With his eyes closed, he saw the image of a man who only wore a piece of cloth around his groin, with the deep whipping cuts on every part of his biological body, with red blood dripping from every cut, every extensively long cut, that was wide open for the red blood to drip out and over onto the man’s skin, which itself was not red instead of the color tan. He saw this innocent man of God too, praying as he was being whipped for no good reason, and as he was lead to the cross, the long steel nails were being pounded with a huge hammer into the hands and arms of the praying man of God, who also was praying to be alive instead of dying and dead. Then the nail that was aimed at the man of God’s feet, and with one quick swing of a violent bullies arm, the even longer steel nail penetrated into the man of God’s feet. And with a few more arm swings, the nail was then into the wood of the cross, and the cross was lifted up into the air, for the world to remember how laughing violent humanized monkey bullies killed and murdered a man of God, while he lived and walked on planet earth.

The metaphysician bicyclist turned his attention away from the scene before his mental metaphysical humanized eyes, and he started to realize how God, Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, and Love (*) saw him and his true spiritual selfhood, outside of his physical body. He again, quickly began to realize that he was a spiritual idea or image within the divine Mind, and that this image was spiritual, a true unchangeable identity, what was at one with the Infinite One, which was Life, deathless, Truth, a deathless Christ consciousness, and Love, forever perfect and at rest and at peace, with nothing to fear at all. Then, as if he was dreaming a night dream, this was like a metaphysical dream, and he saw a tall tanned male with long hair who wore a long white robe and the white robed male walked towards to the spiritualized human being who had long ago prepared his soul for the afterlife, and he reached out his hand and he stated,

"You have been faithful, yet, life is deathless, and you are still an immortal, so you must return to instruct the viewers by writing about Life, Truth, Love, as the true nature of the Godhead."

 And as the white robed male reached out his hand to hold the hand of the biker still on the ground of the earth, both the spiritualized metaphysical dreamer and the metaphysical biker felt the infinite energy flow from one spiritualized human being to another spiritualized human being, and with the angels ascending all around both the spiritualized human being in a different dimension, and all around the spiritualized metaphysical biker still on earth, the creature who was about to be beaten and shot to death possessed a new and higher energy force and intelligence which had not been witnessed in over 2000 years, at least in the eyes of normal human beings.

Then the blows and pounding started. Fast and furious too. The physical bicyclist felt another hit from the nightstick, snapping and whipping into his prayer hands, breaking some fingers, then another hit from a second nightstick, breaking some more ribs, and then there were three night sticks hitting him, and then there were four night sticks hitting him, and then there were five night sticks hitting him, and then, after that, he lost track because his face and head and body had been hit and beaten so many times that he was now unconscious. He had broken teeth, a cracked skull, a broken nose, a broken jaw, broken bones in his arms and legs. The police thought that he was dead, but he was not dead, he was still alive, and they could not believe it. He was still breathing, and more than that fact, it seemed like he was smiling too. It was like the dead biker was actually laughing at the violent bully cops. They had hit the Master Metaphysician bicyclist so many times that he simply had to be dead. Even their arms were tired from swinging their night sticks so many times. How could he still be alive, they all wondered.

The Master Metaphysician bicyclist was now in a different universe, or in no universe at all, while being in all universes at the same time. He heard the angels singing songs of praise that another human being had transformed himself into a higher creature of multi-dimensions, higher dimensions, and so they whispered into his mind, "Everything will be ok. We will not leave you alone. You will live again." And so, the now almost dead metaphysician bicyclist was in at least two different universes at the same time, the same moment, even while life and death were pulling at him from all directions. Lying in a pool of his own blood, not aware of his biological body any more, he stood up, a spiritualized zombie that would not die. He pointed at the group of cops and stated out loud,

"Cursed! All of you. Cursed! And this whole police department is Cursed. All of you!"

A gun was pointed at him and then fired. A bullet passed straight through his seeming biological body, but it did not appear a biological body any longer. It appeared to be a ghost, a ghost that was solid and not solid, biological and spiritual, mortal and immortal, all at the same time. More bullets passed through the upper body, a few more bullets entered other parts of his body, arms, legs, while a bullet glazed his skull. A living zombie dodging the deadly police bullets, when out of no where, a voice called out to the group,

"Hey, what are you doing?" with a camera pointed at them. "That man needs medical attention." Another person yelled out, "We have called the California Highway Patrol and an Ambulance. You better stop trying to kill that man."

The group of violent bully psycho criminal cops slowly back down, and they all ran to their patrol cars, to return to the safety of their patrol cars, to escape the various cameras that had videoed the whole scene. Video Youtube movies that would be upload in minutes, if not seconds, for the whole world to view. The ticket was still in the man’s shirt pocket, and on the ticket was the violent cop who started it all; officer Hog. But because the bully cops were so busy trying to kill an innocent man, they did not realize that cameras had been filming the whole scene, the scene the violent bully cop had started and created. In minutes, the video was uploaded to online media services around the globe, and in less time that it took to try to kill an innocent human being by a bully police department, the world realized that even in America, there are bad cops, violent bully cops who enjoy hurting and killing other innocent human beings since the time of the killing and the death of the first human being by another violent human being with a weapon in their hand. It was not the Biblical Cain in the First Chapter of The Bible, the Chapter of Genesis. Oh no my dear readers, because that story is only a myth to teach a lesson about the evil nature within most human beings. The evil nature within most human beings, give or take any number. Because human beings have been killing and murdering other human beings for a very long time, and it seems like other human beings will continue to kill and murder other human beings long into the future, with even better weapons that are far better than the discovery of the club and knife and axe and sword, etc.

Kind, normal, American citizens rushed over to help the walking zombie, his eyes open, his mouth talking, but he was not really there, like he was in a different time zone, in a completely space - time dimension, in a completely different universe, being guided by invisible hands of his guardian angels to stay standing, heck, to stay alive, even with broken bones, and bullet holes in his physical body. No person could believe that he was alive, not to mention that he was still standing, but soon, an ambulance arrived and they guided the walking zombie into the ambulance where he laid down onto the ambulance bed, and with the biker’s awareness in and out of human consciousness, he slightly heard the sirens, as the ambulance driver rushed through the heavy rush hour traffic, and then pushed the ambulance bed into the Emergency Room at the local hospital, where tubes of all sorts where pushed into his physical body, and where all kinds of machines were hooked up to his physical body. Soon the FBI was brought into the case, as well as other legal people including many new lawyers who wanted to represent a new client who was now worth millions of dollars, especially if he lived to tell his story in a court of law, in front of a jury, with the media recording every word to spread around the world, to show to the world that even in America, people who wear badges and carry guns can still be murderous, violent, bully, psycho, criminal cops. And to show that an intellectual metaphysical man of God bicyclist who is immortal still lived to tell his story, in a country, in a nation, where the Constitution of America allowed him the freedom of speech and the freedom to stand up for his rights, and the freedom to live in a country where an American citizen can still defend themselves against a cursed police department without any sense of truth, or integrity, even after they beat him to death, and then shot him to death. Yet, he still lived. And the police dept? Well, they are still cursed to this day.! Why? Because they tried to kill not only an innocent human being, an innocent American. But they also tried to kill a man of God too! An angel in disguise, of a human being! ( Hebrews 13:2 and   Psalms 91:1 )  

Part II. The Court Room. Mr. Biker as a Witness. As the last witness in a world wide trial.

The court room was packed full with media and legal experts, all wanting to hear the amazing story and words of the intellectual metaphysician bicyclist who lived after being declared dead by a group of psycho violent bully police officers, and especially by the first cop who wanted nothing more than to kill a seemingly simple bicyclist. He had quickly learned how appearances can be very deceiving. The two main lawyers were ready to talk and ask questions in front of all listeners, the judge, and jury, knowing that the truth had already long ago been broadcast around the world by pictures and video that was recorded by the street people who knew that they could not stop the attack by the first cop and then by the group of cops with him. But they knew that their best weapons against violent bully criminal cops was to record the violent bully cop’s actions so no matter how much they lied, the truth would always be on the world wide web, forever, for the world to know the truth. The truth the cops are trained killers, ready and willing to kill any human being, boy or girl, old women and old men too, was and is the plain truth. They were trained to use their cars as weapons, their guns as weapons, and their hands and feet as weapons. And if they were an ex-football player, who was trained to tackle the enemy on the football field, even better.

With the last person to take the stand, that witness being the intellectual metaphysician bicyclist, the court room was silent, everyone watched as he walked with a humbled pride to the witness stand. He took the witness seat in a court of law unlike anyone in the course of history, even though he knew that he did not have to take the stand, he had a few words to tell the judge, jury, and the world. Wearing a nice blue suit, a red tie, a nice pair of brown leather shoes, with a gold watch on his wrist, and a gold pen in his pocket, with his injuries and scares hidden from the viewers who really wanted to see and view and stare at the real, unpictured scars on the intellectuals metaphysical bicyclist’s body, where the cop’s night sticks had hit him, breaking his bones in many places, and they wanted to see the small bullet hole marks on his body where the cop’s bullets had hit, penetrated the skin, exploded in his body, or instantly exiting his body of skin, bones, blood, and stuff, to kill this man of God. The court room’s attendant’s had already viewed pictures of the injured and damaged body, but they wanted him to take off his clothes to see the damaged in real time. The world had seen his injured and damaged and scarred body that had been posted on the world wide web, but in reality, by the time the biker had arrived in the courtroom, most of his injuries were healed, yet scares not hidden to the mirror where he would sometimes stare after a shower, staring at his own hidden broken bones and obvious bullet hole wounds. The biker had of course known that pictures of his scares, and wounds, and bullet holes wounds had already been posted on the web, but some were not. It seems that no person who watched the video could believe such an attack on a single human being could not kill his biological body, but there he was, still alive, after entering the afterlife, and returning to planet earth.

His lawyer was the first person to ask the first question. "Mr. Biker, how are you today?"

"I am glad to be alive, to tell you the truth. Even though I am an immortal, I would like to live on earth for as long as possible, without being hit by police officer’s night sticks, beaten for no good reason, and being shot at by police officer’s guns, for no good reason. You do know that being hit and shot in real life is not the same as being hit and shot in the movies. In real life, real people are killed by guns, even police guns."

"Could you tell the court why you think first cop on the scene hit your bicycle with his patrol car after you stepped off the bike?" The lawyer asked the biker.

"Truthfully, I do not know why the cop drove his car’s tires over my ten thousand dollar bike. My bike was not hurting anyone, nor was my bike a threat to any person, or the cop, or his patrol car. But I wonder if this same cop enjoys running over animals when no person is watching him kill animals with his patrol car, esp., at night or on county roads, or when no person is watching him. I do know that my bike was not his property and he had no legal, moral, or ethic ‘right’ to damage my bike. And he should not only pay for the damage he cause to my bike, but he should fired from his job, and he should be locked up in a prison cell to think about his crime of committing a felony while wearing the badge and gun when damaging another person’s property while on the job of being a paid police officer, or not. Now maybe his training at the police academy included running over parked bikes, but I am glad that he did not hit and kill me when I was riding that bike."

The lawyer turned to the jury and smiled. He turned his head back to the witness stand.

"Do you think it was fair or legal for the police officer to give you a ticket for a crime which you clearly did not commit, the crime of crossing a white line while riding your bike?"

"I do not think it was fair or legal for any cop to give me a ticket for crossing white traffic line, since I did not only do it, but a fool would cross a white line on a busy street. I always try to ride as close to the curve as close as possible and but even then, some cars and trucks still drive really fast and sometimes dangerously close to us bikers. But really, so what if I did cross over the white line? But I have heard many stories of cops giving out tickets for nothing because they have to make money for their cities budgets. I know how motorcycle cops love to hand out jaywalking tickets to school students of all ages during the same hours that home and business break ins or burglaries are taking place."

"Do you think it was legal, meaning probable cause,’ for the cop to search your backpack, and destroy your property even though you do not even look a like drug dealer or professional hit man ... meaning a paid professional killer who carries a gun to kill another human being." asked the lawyer.

"I did not look suspicious to any cop for any reason because many bikers wear backpacks to carry normal items in, and there was not a crime reported that day with the description of a biker who was wearing my clothes and backpack. I did nothing wrong to deserve any police officer to request to look through my backpack and to inspect the items in my backpack. Most bikers usually carry hardly nothing at all, except books, water, food, and a bike chain." stated the biker. "And furthermore, many bikers are grade school students, or high school students, or college or university students who bike to and from their classes, and most of them wear backpacks with only lots of books in their backpacks. I have also heard many stories about cops harassing student bikers who wear backpacks because the cops think it is fun to bully all levels of students because they are small, weak, and unarmed, undefended, and ignorant of the America’s laws, and because they are scared of bully cops who love being dominant over other human beings because the cops wear guns and other weapons and they are allowed to shot anyone they want because the police department will lie for them in police reports, in a court of law, in front of a judge and jury. And because the cops know that the kids will be scared of the police because the cops can charge them with a false or made up crime and those kids could spend years in jail or prison for a crime they did not commit. Many adults have already experienced that fact, but rarely talk about it because they can not afford a good lawyer, so they have to plead down to a lesser crime to avoid jail or prison incarceration. But mostly importantly, the cops know that most students do not know their legal or constitution rights as stated in law books or in the Constitution of America, or in the Bill of Rights or in the concepts of civil liberties, freedom of speech, etc. I have heard many stories where cops hand out tickets to bikers for the silliest reasons, like traveling to slow or for traveling on a sidewalk during a pouring rain during the five o’clock rush hour, to avoid being hit by cars or truck that might be hydroplaning or sliding uncontrollably on the surface of water. There was this one story where a biker was being attacked by a dog, to the bike’s front wheel, and then again to the biker’s foot that was on the pedal. The dog got very lucky and bit into the biker’s leg, drawing blood from the biker’s leg. It happened so very fast that the biker simply put his foot out to defend himself and his bike against the dog. A cop happened to see the event and he decided to give a ticket to the biker for trying kicking to kill a dog, even though the truth was the dog was attacking the biker, and there was human blood on the dog’s mouth. It was an act of self-defense, and other people were there as witnesses for the truth, but the cop simply stated that he was ordered to hand out tickets because it was that time of the month."

Everyone in the courtroom related to that fact; cops being ordered to hand out tickets for anything at certain time of the month because they had to make money for the town’s bank accounts and to pay for their 90 % pension plans.

"Is there anything at all that you think you could have done to avoid being given a false ticket, being beaten by a group police officers with night sticks, or being shot at and hit with their bullets by their guns they were holding and aiming at your head and body?" asked the lawyer.

"No, there was nothing I could have done to avoid being beaten to death and then being shot to death, except pulling off a magical act of disappearance. I was minding my own business. I had not disobeyed any traffic laws, nor was I carrying a gun, or drugs, nor was I threatening anyone with bodily harm, unlike the cop who was threatening bodily harm to me. You could see it in his eyes, his animalistic killing mentality, like he was simply waiting for a chance to beat up a person that day, maybe kill him if he was angry enough. I can only guess that he thought he could get away with it because he possesses a bully mentality, that he was in grade school and high school, and he was trained at the police academy to be an even bigger bully after high school, if indeed he even went to high school. I have been told that police departments do not like to hire educated people, you know, thinkers. They like to train submissive bullies who like to be bullies to anyone they can bully without the fear of any legal ramifications, or imprisonment. Being a cop is the best job for them, I guess . They are submissives when other people have a gun on them, but when they have a gun on an unarmed person, they enjoy being the bully instead of the submissive. They are submissive enough to be brainwashed into being paid robotic killers for a police department. Like monkeys off the trees who use guns instead of sticks, I mean tree branches, not police night sticks of course, to be violent bully monkey cops. Except some police are like human monkeys who like to be human bullies with guns instead of sticks. And they get paid for it too."

"The police officer claimed that you threatened him by talking to him, by trying to have a conversation with him. Is that true?" asked the lawyer.

"Well, I do not know how a having a conversation could be taken as a threat, but maybe he was threatened by my intellectual abilities. I did inform the cop that America has a Constitution of the United States, with a Bill of Rights, with the first ten amendments ratified in 1791 guaranteeing such rights as the freedom of speech, assembly, and worship. The police officer never told me to stop chatting with him, and I thought he was enjoying our chat, or friendly debate, until it looked like his mind was about to explode with anger, before he started to hit me with his night stick, and shooting at me with his gun, a Glock 17. I assume that some police officers really enjoy beating up on uneducated innocent people and charging them with crimes they did not commit, but when they know that they are outsmarted, they get angry and frustrated because they feel like they should be smarter and more intelligent than anyone and everyone, because they carry guns and weapons? How illogical and irrational, at best."

"Is there any other reason why that police officer might have seemingly targeted you that day on the street?" asked the lawyer.

Mr. Biker was slow to explain. "I can only assume that there are many factors in the violent bully cop’s actions. First he has been a bully all of his life, and he got away with it. Second, he enjoys beating up and controlling people, small and weak and defenseless human beings, and third, he was train by the police academy to be an even bigger dangerous bully, and forth, the police dept loves violent bullies working for them, and fifth, that police dept will lie to defend the violent bully cop in anyway whatsoever. And sixth, maybe like many drivers on the road, many cops do not like bicyclists in general, nor do they think bicyclists have any rights to be on the streets and roads with cars and trucks, and some drivers probably hate bikers anyway. Those are my possible guesses for why the first cop decided to run over my brand new ten thousand dollar bike with his patrol car, and then after an exchange of words, he started to beat me to death with his night stick, and then after I had many broken bones, he started shooting at me with his gun. My last guess is that I have been outspoken with a few facts about this police department, like how they allow drug dealers to live in their houses and damage people’s cars to scare them into silence, without any worry about being arrested, and when these drug dealers are videoed selling drugs and damaging cars, but the police do nothing about it. They simply do not care about the working people. Second, I have been outspoken about the fact the almost every house on my street had been broken into, that is burglarized, and the police have done nothing about it, even though the police headquarters is less than five to ten minutes away from the street. I have read media reports with recorded numbers and statistics stating that over 1200 houses and businesses are broken into every year for the last two years, and millions of dollars are stolen out of the town every year. The police department’s reaction is that burglaries were down 30% for the last two years, which means that the rate of burglaries were even higher during the previous years. But the police and police dept do nothing except they love to sit in parking lots talking for hours on end, during the normal time of burglaries, drinking coffee and eating donuts, and yet they never patrol the town’s streets where most of the burglaries are being done. It seems like they simply do not care about the working people of the town and their homes and businesses. Instead, they love to hand out tickets to everyone except the drug dealer cars. One day I went for a one mile and half jog and I saw tickets on almost every car on the street, like it was an easy pickings day to increase the cities bank accounts. I have seen home owners receiving warning tickets for slightly dirty cars and trucks, even though the public was instructed by the state government authorities not to wash cars and trucks since the state’s water levels in water reservoirs around the state are either empty or almost empty, because of the three year state wide drought. So the public is told they will get a ticket if they wash their cars and then they get a ticket for not washing their cars. The local and state governments must make up their mind what they will allow homeowners and car and truck owners to do. The public is told that we could be ticketed for using water for cleaning our cars, etc., while the town is using a ton of water to water the soccer fields, the baseball fields, and the parks, while the every day home owner is not allowed to water their little patch of yard. So home owner’s yard are brown or simply dirt, and some home owners have simply replaced good green grass for rock and stones and cement. Third, there is the fact the I have installed over $3000 worth security cameras to protected my home and property from the drug dealers who once lived on the street, and from the one drug dealer still living on the street. The drug dealers damage homeowner’s cars to try and scare working home owners from calling the police on them. Then I installed even more security cameras to record all and hopefully stop all of the home break ins, or home burglaries, and then I hung security signs on the trees and fences to stop and slow down the home burglaries on my street, to warn and thereby scaring the burglars from even trying to break into a home or house. Fourth, I have pointed out to the local police department that it seems like the only thing they care about is their 90% pensions, which is of course is a ridiculous pension plan for anyone, since the only time the police actually catch criminals, and especially burglaries is when they get lucky, which is not often. That means that they do not deserve a 90% pension for sitting around all day, waiting to get lucky. Heck, even drug dealers and prostitutes wait around waiting to get lucky. Is the taxpayer paying 90 % pension plans for police officers to get lucky. Maybe they think that I might get their 90% pension plans changed to a more reasonable number so the general public does not suffer from very bad economics and financial retirement plans."

"Come to think about it, while I have lying in the hospital bed for a almost a year, just waiting to heal from my bodily injuries, maybe the whole police dept was involved in on my murder by police. Maybe they wanted to shut me up because I had talked and written my concerns over the years, stating the truth, but you know bullies, they always want to be bullies, and they love shutting people up, even by murder."

"So you have actually tried to clean up your street and neighborhood and the police department does not like someone who is not connected to the police department to take the time, energy, money, and the initiative to solve crimes and burglaries on your street, and to make the street and neighborhood safe from drug dealers and safe from home break ins or burglaries. This effect has cost you time, money, and energy, but the police never thanked you even once, have they? As a matter of fact, you have actually allowed many police employees into you house, into your home, a place for and your personal property and life to be safe from police searches and invasions, which under American law, allows you to be safe from unlawful entry by the police department for any reason, unless they have a search warrant in their hands. Isn’t that correct? Are these facts true or not?" asked the lawyer.

"They are all true facts. When I moved into my current house, there were three houses on both sides of my house with drug dealers in them, like in many towns and cities in America and around the globe. When I installed the security systems, it started a chain reaction, along the natural course of events that forced most drug dealers to leave their houses. But my car was still damaged, one lady who threaten to burn down my house because her husband had a meth lab in his garage, and he even threaten me, with the words, "If you take away my business, I will kill you." Of course, I smiled fearlessly at him. I almost laughed in his face, but he is now gone from the neighborhood. When I told the police these facts, and showed them security footage, they totally ignored the truth before their eyes. Furthermore, when the ex-chief of police stated on local television that the police dept. would longer answer or respond to home and business break ins or burglaries, the amount of home and business break ins or burglaries sky rocketed and almost every house or home on my section of street had been attempted or actually was broken into, some more than once. So I installed even more security cameras on my street trees and I put security signs on trees and fences. Since I took action to installed my security systems, the amount of home break ins or burglaries have dropped to zero in one year. And many of my neighbors have also installed their own security systems because everyone has realized that no American citizen can depend on the police and their police depts to protect and defend their homes, houses, and business. And truthfully, it is an impossible task for any police dept. Actually, I believe that the police really enjoy trying to catch the burglars because it is fun to chase and arrest them, which is the reason why the police depts do not do any proactive, preventive work to stop home and business break ins or burglaries. But it is not fun to the home owners, single moms, working people, old people trying to live their retirement years in peace and quiet, instead of worrying about their homes being broken into by violent criminals. Nor is funny to the business people who already pay high taxes, in many forms to every level of government. No, I do not think that the police like my words of truth, or even my results because I am doing their job for them, because they are not smart enough to clean up the streets. I am actually saving the police dept money because the police do not have to answer burglary calls any more on this street. In reality, my security systems have saved the police dept money, and police man power. What thanks do I get? Well, look at my x-rays and the videos and you will see my reward. "

"Mr. Biker, again, do you think that was fair that you received a moving traffic violation for crossing over a white line?" asked Mr. Biker’s lawyer

Mr. Biker’s response. "No it was not fair because I never crossed over the white line. These bully cops love to harass bikers and hand out tickets because it is the easiest ticket they can write a ticket. Think about it. Bikers can not go fast, nor can they out run a police patrol car. It is an easy ticket, to take more money from an easy target. They feel as if they are big shots when they are wearing their guns and weapons and they know that they bikers are usually weaponless, wearing thin skinned clothes most of the time. Also, they want to treat bikers with the same laws as a moving car or truck. How stupid is that? The laws of physics do not apply equally to bicycles and cars. The weight of a car is what? A ton? And the wait of an average bike is twenty pounds. The laws for bikers should not be the same as the laws for cars and trucks. If any law maker believes that bicyclist should obey the exact same laws as drivers of cars and trucks, then something is wrong with the common sense of law makers and police."

Mr. Biker’s lawyer. "What do you think about the police department’s policy of once a single police starts hitting someone with their night sticks or shooting someone with a gun, that all other cops on the scene must also start hitting a suspect with their night sticks or shooting them with their guns like unthinking robots, without a sense of intelligence, common sense, or integrity?"

Mr. Biker’s response. "I think that once a person is already down on the ground, or when a person is not being violent, if they are standing still, unarmed, that they should not be beaten to death or shot to death simply because they are standing and talking."

Mr. Biker’s lawyer. "What do you think about the police damaging your ten thousand dollar bike?"

Mr. Biker response. "I think that any cop who damages a person’s bike is a violent bully cop who should not be a cop, and they should be fired. And they should also pay for the bike or any part of the bike that is damaged, and they should go to prison for committing a felony wearing a police uniform."

Mr. Biker’s lawyer. "Do you think that the police are basically lying violent bully’s who do not care about the truth regarding anything? That they only care about covering their own criminal actions while they are wearing a badge and a gun, basically to collect their 90% pension plans after they retire from the job?"

Mr. Biker’s response. "In this case specifically, I have experienced a police officer who lied in many ways, writing police reports that were almost completely untrue. The American general public should never trust a single police officer nor the police dept he or she is employed by because not only will they lie in police reports to cover their own jobs and the jobs of their fellow employees, but everyone in the police department will lie too, all the way up the chain of command to the Internal Affairs and the chief of police; as been demonstrated in this court room and trial. I have been told that the chief of police and internal affairs, along with some sergeants and the chief of police were mad that the violent bully cop and his partners had not killed me. But now that I am suing for millions of dollars for personal injury and suffering, and for punitive damages, etc., they all want to make a deal. Well, no deal here."

Mr. Biker’s lawyer. "Can you tell us what is was like getting beating and shot by a gang of police officers?"

Mr. Biker’s response. "I felt helpless, just all Americans who can not defend themselves against violent bully police officers who only want to hurt and kill Americans, because they know they can get away with killing innocent people like myself. If police officers think that they are above America’s laws, and if they think they are simply legalized violent bullies who can hurt anyone they want to hurt, then America’s police are not better than the police in other countries who also believe they can kill their own citizens for no reason. They are not better than the gangs that kill innocent people for fun. If police behave like violent bully monkeys off the trees, then they should not be allowed to carry guns and night sticks. But thank modern day technology that can record this previous unrecorded behavior by violent bully cops. I was even told that in one town in one country in CA, USA, the cops love to charge poor uneducated Mexicans with crimes they did not commit because hardworking, uneducated Mexicans do not know America’s laws, legal system, and they are to poor to hire a lawyer, so they simple plead out to a lesser charge so they can get on with their lives. But the District Attorneys and their assistants love the numbers of convicted criminals, of false criminal charges. This fact probably applies to all of America’s District Attorneys and their assistants too. Charge innocent people with crimes they did not commit, and then plead them down to a lower charge before they even get to court."

"Are you worried that the police dept and its employees might to try to murder you again?" asked the lawyer.

"Well, why would they waste their time trying to kill an immortal a second time?"

The court room filled up with laughter from every person in the American court of law.

"Lastly," asked the lawyer. "It has been suggested that you are alive by some supernatural power, because a normal human biological body could not survive a beating and a shooting by so many people, not to mention train police killers. Would you like to explain how you survived such a horrible, horrendous, revolting, and terrifying experience? It can be assumed that the general public would like to know how you are still alive after have most of your bones were broken with long and hard police night sticks, and so many police bullets had actually hit your body. Is there a general message that you would like to give to the whole world that is currently watching you and listening to you on national television, or by computer, radio, etc. " asked the lawyer.

"Well, since you asked." replied the metaphysical biker. Replied the man of God!

Part III. The Lesson for Mankind, for the Future Survival of the Human Species.

Since the beginning of the space - time cosmic universe, there has always been something, an intelligent force that is always pushing everything forward, as in different states and stages of cosmic evolution, for intelligent change, while at the same time, there seems to be two other forces termed order and chaos, constructive and destructive forces, in the cosmic space - time universe. On planet earth, there is also an intelligent force pushing everything forward, for both biological and consciousness evolution, for intelligent change, while at the same time there two forces, life and death, good and evil, constructive and destructive forces. And that is only on the biological side of life on earth. Within the human mind, or human consciousness, there is also an intelligent force pushing many levels of mental realms and consciousness realms forward, for intelligent change, in consciousness evolution, with seemingly the two dualistic forces which are either constructive or destructive decisions, that are being made each second of each day of each year by billions of human beings on planet earth.

There are two types of world leaders, the first type of world leader believes in international intelligent communication to solve world problems and issues. The second type of world leader believes in being a world bully, with their browbeaten and tyrant attitude, with their limited weapons of war, and they do not want to solve any international issues and problems with intelligent communication skills, called international and global diplomacy. This global and international dilemma of the two types of world leaders must merge into global and international agreement that no third world war to every commence. Somehow, the intelligent world leaders have to prove to the monkey off the trees world leaders, one way or another, in any way whatsoever, that global and international violence is not the solution for any global or international issues or problems. Of course, that applies to uneducated emotional religious fanatics too! Those day are long gone, or they should be long gone.

The human species and its future survival does not depend on bigger and better weapons of mass biological destruction. The future survival of the human species depends on a peaceful and metaphysical and even higher levels of spiritual consciousness even while the human species is still biological in nature, and still very limited mentally in nature. The future of the human species will not survive like I survived unless it learns the deeper lessons of life, truth, and love.

I survived death because I have risen in my individual human consciousness to abstract immaterial, spiritual realms of reality which have an impact on my human life as a human being. But my example should be the example for the collective and holistic human species as a whole. Mankind, or the human species, can not fight against the bigger picture of purpose for the existence of the human species after billions of years of cosmic evolution and hundreds of millions of years of earthly life evolution. The grand plan and purpose and goal of the human species and the human consciousness is to rise higher and higher in both the individual and collective human consciousness until the lower animalistic instincts are destroyed, and the collective and holistic human species ascends in consciousness to higher and purer spiritual realms of life and love. In this way, and only in this way, can the global and international human species live in peace and harmony among themselves, and to prepare for the future survival of the many generations to move forward in peace and harmony too. In this way, and only in this way, is the future survival of the human species guaranteed!

* "What is God?"

"God is incorporeal, divine, supreme, infinite, Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, and Love." pg. 465 Science and Health, with Key to the Scriptures, By Mary Baker Eddy.

And for more information about those seven terms for God, I suggest a book titled, ‘The Seven Synonyms for God’ by Dr. Max Kappeler. which can be bought and order at the following link. And for the book itself.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the Whole Wide World. Mr. George D. Patnoe. Jr!

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