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This blog includes 52 Stories in 52 Weeks, a yearly metaphysical or deep life lecture, along with links to my artwork, etc. I started writing and drawing with two hands as a mental and brain development experiment on my own brain because I had one restructuring of my brain in a deadly bicycle accident in 1987. So I decided to restructure my brain's neurons, etc. again. Simply put, using two hands to write and draw forces both sides of the brain to connect, to become holistic, stronger, improved.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Ambidextrous Writing With Both Hands Simultaneously!

Today, I used my ambidextrous brain, and my two hands, to simultaneously write two different sets of sentences with both hands, with two hands, at the same time.  A little bit harder to do than drawing and writing with two hands at the same time or drawing with two hands at the same time.  And for fun, a few days ago, I drew two different faces with both hands at the same time, only one face was upside down, while the other face was upside up.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Ambidextrous Drawing With Both Hands Simultaneously!

Today, I used my ambidextrous brain, and my two hands to simultaneously draw two different pictures, at the same time, holding two pens, while I drew two pictures on paper.  Pretty Neat!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Ambidextrous Writing and Drawing with Both Hands Simultaneously!

Ambidextrous Writing and Drawing with Both Hands Simultaneously!
I want to inform my readers and fans of the outcome of my personal, 15 year brain experiment.

The outcome of my ambidextrous brain exercises is that I can now, at this moment, Sep 18, 2015, at 11:55 pm. write and draw with both hands at the same time. I wrote a simple sentence with my left hand while I drew a simple face with my right hand.  And then I switched hands and I wrote a simple sentence with my right hand, while I drew a simple picture with my left hand.   I believe that I am the first person in the history of the human species to have developed my brain power to perform such an ambidextrous brain task. I will continue to practice until I get really good at writing and drawing with both hands at the same time, and then I will post my hands writing and drawing at the same time, on Youtube, with the proof that I can write a sentence with one hand while I draw a picture with the other hand. And then change hands and do it the other way around. This is a great day for me.!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A Revolution within the Structure of Human Consciousness.

I am currently working on my new written lecture titled:

A Revolution within the Structure of Human Consciousness.
How to Prevent the Self-Destruction of the Human Species.
For the Current and Future Survival of the Human Species.

It will be posted before the year's end.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

My Conversation with my Senator, Bob Wieckowski, about CA's Water Drought and Water Problems!

My Conversation with my Senator, Bob Wieckowski, about CA's Water Drought and Water Problems!

An UPDATE: Two weeks ago, I was talking to my Senator, Bob Wieckowski, who lives a few houses down from me on the same street. I asked him, "What are you guys, ( meaning in the Senator and Government) doing about water problem? This was his reply to me. " I was just visiting oversea, ( a foreign country ) and they only use 30 gallons a day." I put up my hands up in the air, almost speechless regarding his stupidity, because I was thinking to myself, 30 gallons of nothing is still nothing. is a demonstration about wasteful water usage.

I asked him what his pay was and I was shocked because I thought their pay checks should have been more. But he explained to me that the voters voted to lower their pay checks, probably because they love to party, but not solve problems. Later, when I was thinking even more clearly, they, meaning the morons in government, are doing nothing to solve CA.’s water problems, just as they do nothing to solve many other problems.

The American people, including American voters must begin to take a stand against this type of inaction of doing nothing to solve current and future problems. Having no water is not a joke. I myself have visited foreign countries, for this case, China. And every time I have visited China, I look at the beautifully labeled water bottles and I ask myself, "Is this water any good to drink? Is this water going to make me sick?

Well, it is a known fact that the human biological body can not survive long without clean water, or ever dirty water, but having no water all? Think of all the places that need water, besides the human biological body, to mention a few here, all of the businesses that depend on water, food places, toilet and sinks in millions of homes and bathrooms, businesses of all types, including computer fabs, hospitals, schools, military bases, and etc., etc., etc.

This is the truth, whether the Senators and other people in government want to read it, or listen to it. If there is no water dropping from the sky for much longer, or for a really long time, like longer than ten long years, or more, CA and America will be in big freaking trouble, from every perspectives you want to look at the problem. The economic problems will be lower on the list of problems compared to the really bigger futuristic problem of human survival. The number one problem on my current list of problems, the survival of the human species in general, and in CA currently, specifically.

Since the Senators and other people in government, including Jerry Brown, are sitting on their asses wishing and hoping that the problem will go away by itself, while they blame tax paying home owners instead of the more than the millions of huge water sprinkler systems like the water sprinkler system shown above, that are pumping millions or more, like billions of gallons of water unto grassy lawns at night when no one is watching, on golf courses, baseball and soccer fields, etc., there should be an uprising of the American people just like they are beginning rise up against unfair police killings and murders while they write fake and false police reports.

If the Senator ( s ) wants to sit on his, their, ass all day long, and go to parties to get his and their pictures taken for facebook, then he and his buddies should be paid less because they are doing nothing to solve the water problems that could last for decades to come. Without water, without a clean and useful water supply, the senator and his buddies, like Jerry Brown, etc. will have not murdered just human beings and their futures, businesses and their profits, they would be guilty of murdering the state of CA.

And for that reason alone, they should be paid nothing at all!

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When I was in college studying International Economics/Finance, I was also wondering how to develop a more powerful brain. So in 2001,I began a very specialized ambidextrous brain exercise program, for two hours per day,for many years. Those brain exercise began with me writing out words,mostly verbs, with both hands in different patterns.That developed into dual handed sentence writing to longer stories and dual handed drawing exercises.Details are for future books.I did these two hour brain workouts as a personal experiment to restructure my brain's neurons for the purpose of making my brain stronger for writing and language development; for logically creative storying writing.As far as I know, I am the only person in the course of history to have developed these ambidextrous hand/brain exercises.The purpose of these ambidextrous brain exercises is to strenghten both sides of the brain for language skills development, and to connect both sides of the brain together for language skills development. There is a very logical neurological reason for using two hands to write and draw as brain exercises. I also draw with both hands. 52 Stories is my testament!